Mobel World phone

International Mobile Phone

Quite simply the most convenient way of making and receiving calls in over 170 countries. There are no monthly access charges, so if you never use the phone there is never a charge.

US Phone Services

US Phone

Competitive call rates in the USA with the US mobile phone number. Ideal choice for those who go to the USA regularly.

China Phone and SIM card

China Phone

Buy or rent a phone for use in China with great call rates. Having a local Chinese phone number makes your stay stress-free whatever the purpose of your trip is.



The freedom of a monthly Japanese mobile phone plan without the long contracts and monthly fees. You only pay for the calls and text messages you use at a competitive rate, we bill monthly.

Satellite Phone Services

Satellite Phone

If you are traveling to areas where there is little or no mobile coverage, Mobal can supply you with a satellite phone that allows calls to be made and received anywhere in the world.